One of the objectives of Orange Christian Business Ministry (OCBM) is to provide practical help to the needy, like single mothers and families needing housing. Once a family is displaced, reestablishing a residence is a huge challenge and is critical in finding and keeping a job. But finding housing without a job is all but impossible. It’s a vicious circle. According to Crystal Eckhart, a behavioral health specialist with CalWORKs, ”90% of the county clients that find housing will eventually find a job”. That’s where OCBM can help. By providing the initial deposit to establish residency, OCBM has helped many families get on the path to also finding employment. This can mean the difference between sleeping in a car or sleeping in a warm, safe bed. 

These are not individuals who have chosen to be homeless. 95% of the referrals from the county are single women, usually with children like Amber, sometimes as a result of domestic violence, divorce or other uncontrollable circumstances. By working hand-in-hand with county agencies such as CalWORKs, the Economic Development Agency (EDA), and Department of Public Social Services Self-Sufficiency (GAINS), OCBM has provided hundreds of dollars to help such families. 


Casandra and Leilani

 Cassandra is a single mother with her 4 year old daughter Leilani. They were living with her mother who put her out. She’s been bouncing from motel to motel. She is now in the GAINS  program looking for a job. Mom Cassandra with sweet angel Leilani now have a home program looking for a job. Mom Cassandra with sweet angel Leilani now have a home. 




Regine, a single mother with 5 year old daughter Serenity . They drove to CA from New Jersey due to conflict with her mother to get fresh start. She is working as an in-home care-giver. 

In addition, OCBM provides practical help like essential home goods, food, furniture and clothing. Our professional Chaplain also helps with spiritual and emotional support. 

Your support can help single mothers and needy families. Thank you for your consideration.