Scott McReynolds – President/CEO


Scott has been involved with Christian ministry for over 30 years. He was a business owner for more than 15 years. He also worked for CBMC (Christian Business Men’s Connection) for 10 years as an associate staff where his ministry focus was on helping Christian business men apply bible principles to running their businesses and using business for ministry purposes. He was the president of LivingWell Medical Clinics, a Christian based crisis pregnancy center from 1990-1995. His current focus is on promoting the Christian faith by holding evangelistic  outreach events, follow-up discipleship groups and helping the needy such as veterans and low-income families. 



Richard Simonian - Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer


Richard is a Christian business owner of Santiago Communities, Inc. which owns and/or operates 45 manufactured housing communities in the western United States. His philanthropic interests include helping veterans obtain housing and providing housing and other practical helps to low-income families including homeless single mothers with children. Richard was a Green Beret with the original Special Forces group 1952-1954 and is a member of and actively supports veterans Special Forces Association Chapter 78 (SFA78) in southern California. He is also founded American Veterans Assistance Group which provides practical help such as food, clothing, home goods, furniture and home repairs to veterans living in the manufactured housing communities managed by his company. 



John Yeandle – Secretary


John is the general manager of Lake Park Communities, Inc. which owns and operates 9 manufactured housing communities in southern California. John has been involved in Christian Ministry for about 10 years through evangelistic outreach events and follow-up discipleship groups for veterans. John served in the Marine Corps. He has a degree in engineering and in financial planning. He has also been involved in short-term missions trips to Africa and Mexico.  



Doreen Matsumoto – Chaplain


Doreen is a certified chaplain providing both practical and spiritual help to veterans and low-income families in our manufactured housing communities. Practical help includes food, clothing, home goods, furniture and home repairs to veterans. She provides spiritual encouragement and development, bible studies, grief counselling, resources and prayer support. She also leads several bible studies and discipleship groups. She also coordinates special community events including veteran and community dinners, resource days, as well as partnering with other non-profits for the benefit of our residents.